White Feathered Robin

Elle Butler- Illustrator

Who Is the White

Feathered Robin

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As the white feathers fall and the red chested robins stand tall, the White Feathered Robin captures it all. You could call him your own little memory holder, from times and people of both past and present. He’ll always be perched when you need him the most, with tales of moments yet to resurface your mind; like a wave on the coast. And by his side? The trusty Bookworm, of course! He slides on his tum and wiggles his pink bum, to unravel Robin’s scripts for you one by one.

Have you experienced countless white feathers when you need them the most, and robins hopping when you’re looking for hope? Well, it appears there may be a reason why! Turn the lights down, put your feet up and listen carefully to Robin as he explains the meaning behind this little world of random chaos…

Most importantly, know that you are not alone! I always find that the days in which everything goes wrong, there is equally a lot of beauty. Even though it feels the world is against you, it continues to reassure you that it is not. White is often associated with divine connection and unlocking doors to higher dimensions. Finding white feathers in the spiritual world is a representation of your connection with both yourself and everything around you. Trust the intuitive callings of your soul!

It is said that in Native American Culture, they portray the white feather in a light of higher wisdom, spiritual connection, internal peace, purity, the end of nightmare and a sense of life after death.

To fall or to float? These signals guide you to rediscover what you value the most and to strengthen these bonds. It can also indicate your soon to be exit from a period of indecision, encouraging you to take the next leap and trust yourself to do so with fulfilment.

Surprise! Appearing nowhere or everywhere is said to be the universe shouting your name for some self luuurve. Question what makes you most happy in life; big or small. Watch the trees blow in the wind or the exchange of the sun and the moon; embrace the ‘little moments’ and the brief encounters. What really matters? And what really matters to you? And just like that! The universe has your attention, bringing you back to you in your most present self and moment. All from a white feather, mad eh.

Popping up to say hi on the daily? This calls for some deep inner reflection and time to reassess your goals, dude. Face the facts; remember constructive criticism is a positive! What have you learnt? Where do you go from here? Be grateful, and be bold. Look at your situation and if there’s something, anything holding you back, tune into yourself and find the answers to fulfil you. You are amazing!

Why do birds suddenly appear, every time you are near? Just like me, they long to be, close to yooOOoOouu…

Robins. A portrait of divine sacrifice, spirit and soul. Superstitiously connected to angels, the spiritual realm and the supernatural. I heard it through the grapevine that we come to say hello with a shoulder to cry on when a loved one of yours passes. A true sign of an angel, if you ask me! Somehow, we manage to know just the right time to flaunt our red chest, in those times of need when you’re not feeling your best. So, when in need, please never fear. The White Feathered Robin will hear, and fly near.

My Song

My Home

My house is a very teeny place with a very large purpose. It’s a place that will take you under its wing to another little world, where tales are told and memories unfold. I perch on my nest showing my fluffy red chest,  reading your stories ’til dawn when the wiggly worms yawn! I mustn’t forget to put my spectacles on…

The birdhouse portrays a halo form, with delicate white feathers and wiggly bookworms.

Where I Live

Find Me Here

From Beech Road head down the alleyway to Buddha Beauty (opposite the Bar San Juan). Right at the end, look down and to your right to find the birdbox.

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