Super Starling

Caroline Daly – Artist

Who Is Flave,

the ‘Yellow Billed

Super Starling’?

May I introduce Flave, the ‘Yellow Billed Super Starling’

(Latin name – ‘FLAVO TENUIROSTIS STURNUS’ otherwise known as ‘Flave’)

She is an intelligent and quick-witted bird, working undercover as a secret super-agent to help protect her species and investigate their declining numbers.

With her lovely markings and glossy and iridescent appearance she dazzles and amazes onlookers with her beauty and if you look closely you can see stars on the tips of her feathers!

Her powers lie in her strong wings which are adapted for speed, her sturdy legs and razor-sharp claws, perfect for hunting food, and her super sharp binocular vision which means she can spot predators a mile off! She is very skilled at impersonating others and can even replicate mechanical machinery. (Which can come in handy for her secret agent work)

In her spare time, she loves to sunbathe and for special occasions she enjoys taking part in mass arial acrobatic displays with her friends and family, twisting and turning and swooping together to create a magnificent air show.

My Song

My Home

She lives happily in a beautiful star shaped house decorated with patterns and iridescent colours inspired by her feathers.

Where I Live

Find Me Here

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