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Stop Motion

Animation Bird

With distinct colonies in Manchester, Bristol and other hubs, the Stop Motion Animation Bird is not easily identified by its unassuming, sometimes scruffy plumage, and yet evidence of its creative existence can be clearly discerned on children’s television and feature films directed by Tim Burton, Henry Selick and Wes Anderson.

Formerly prevalent in Chorlton until the closure of the famed Cosgrove Hall studios, it habitually roosts in garages, outbuildings and unprepossessing industrial estates.

Although not strictly nocturnal, it thrives in darkness and can be active long into the early hours, particularly when deadlines are looming.

Paul Couvela is himself a Stop Motion Animation Bird who started his career at Cosgrove Hall in Chorlton before working on shows like Bob the Builder, Pingu, Twirlywoos, the Clangers and most recently Scream Street. Facebook

My Song

My Home

Designed to resemble a traditional bird box, the home of the Stop Motion Animation Bird pays tribute to the iconic Bolex 16mm film camera, used to make stop-motion television shows before digital photography took over. It features detailing in soft-aluminium wire and a lens-shaped entrance hole.

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