Staycation Cuckoo

Hayley Adams – Artist

Who Is



I’m a cuckoo and I’m as free as a bird. My main home is here in this tree however I don’t like the cold weather or the shortage of tasty bugs that winter brings, so every year I pack my suitcase and set off on the long journey to my sunny holiday home in Africa where the sun shines all day and the bugs are a’plenty.

Sadly, the Coronavirus put a stop to my plans to go back to Africa this year so, like everyone else, I stayed at home and I am enjoying an extended staycation here in this tree.

It’s not been so bad though, I’ve learnt to appreciate the things around me and I have some great neighbours in this park! Much like travellers who makes music on their guitars, I can sing a sweet song to make everyone feel alright.

I say don’t worry, we’ll all get to travel, migrate, and spread our wings again once more.

My Song

My Home

My home is a suitcase. It has stickers of my previous travels covering it – as you can see I’ve been here, there and everywhere! How many places have you been to and where do you hope to go next?

Where I Live

Find Me Here

From Great Stone Road, turn onto Ryebank Road and follow to the end.  Enter Ryebank Fields and turn sharp right, heading onto the field back towards the houses on Great Stone Road.  The birdbox is on a tree that’s all on its own towards the right side of the field.

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