Pretty Boy of Chorlton

Amanda Beck-McKim – Artist

Who Is


the Pretty Boy

of Chorlton?

Well, hello. My name’s Adnama and I’m one of the Pretty Boys of Chorlton. To be honest I’m really a Rose-Ringed Parakeet, but I like being called a Pretty Boy of Chorlton much better.

My heritage goes back to Africa and the Indian Subcontinent where, because of my exotic looks, I was captured and sent to different parts of the world where I was caged and put on display.

My forefathers found themselves in ‘Pets Corner’ over in Platt Fields Park but they were forever on the lookout to escape and gain their freedom, which over time many did.

In the early days it was a struggle, what with the Manchester weather and not being native to the surroundings that we found ourselves in. But over time we flourished and on the whole we love it here. Although at times we do get some hassel.

You can’t miss us. We’re colourful characters, and love to chatter away, perhaps too much sometimes. Some of our caged relatives used to be taught to say ‘Who’s a pretty boy then’, and that’s undoubtably whey we got the name Pretty Boys.

We’re very loving and affectionate and at the same time very playful and like nothing more than having a good time.

There’s a common misconception that we’re not that interactive, but that’s far from the truth, with proper attention and care, we form really strong bonds.

Our intelligence is up there with the best. How many other birds do you know who can say ‘Who’s a pretty boy then’? and we’re very inquisitive, even if sometimes it can be quite annoying.

Our families are mostly concentrated in suburban areas and we crave access to large spaces where we can spread our wings to explore both vertically and horizontally while being able to fly free.

I’m told that I’ve got relatives in other urban areas of the UK and even in and around other European cities. But you know what? I’m not someone who has the need to migrate to other lands. I’m more than content with my life in Chorlton.

‘Who’s A Pretty Boy of Chorlton then’?

My Song

My Home

Colourful and cozy, with just a few mirrors to make sure my friends and I look at our very best before we go out on the town.

Where I Live

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