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The beautiful and strange Mandelbird (s. sui-similis*) is believed to have originated in Poland, but has been seen across northern Europe, and even the USA. Its distinctive swirly-patterned plumage hides an unusual ornithological feature, which is that Mandelbirds often have smaller Mandelbirds nestled within their feathers, and those smaller Mandelbirds then have even smaller birds hidden within their plumage, and so on ad infinitum.

*where s. stands for “s. sui-similis” 


Mandelbirds flock together in loose formations known as Julia Sets. Their migration patterns are highly unpredictable, and are known to be influenced by the distant wing movements of other species, e,g, those of the order Lepidoptera. The distinctive call of the Mandelbird sounds like an insistent “Ben-Wah… Ben-Wah”. Mating displays are dramatic, and involve the birds chasing each other in wild circular and figure-of-eight patterns known as Strange Attractors. Female Mandelbirds are known to lay an average of 4.669 eggs (approximately).

Dedicated to Dr Bex Lewis #BeMoreBex

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Mandelbirds prefer to roost in highly symmetrical trees such as conifers. Their nests have an interesting construction, being perfect Menger Sponges. These are fractal cubical forms, and are easy for the Mandelbird to build, since they are weightless, having zero volume. They also have excellent heat transfer properties with their infinite surface area, keeping the chicks warm or cool as required. The birdbox we have built for the Mandelbird is the closest we can get to realising this impossible structure.

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