Love Is Lost

Chris Satchell – Graphic Designer

Who Is

Love Is Lost

I was originally going to be a parrot trapped in a cage full of social media mobile phone wires. I see friends or couples sitting opposite each other, both staring into their mobile’s phones, or a child asking their parents to play with them only to be ignored by the pull of their online social media. Some couples these days choose to turn the light off and say goodnight to their partner before turning on their mobile and wondering why the life of Tracey and James looks so much better than theirs?

I saw my children getting more and more hooked on social media, and my struggles knowing how much time they should be allowed online and how strict I should I be, knowing that if you stop a child from doing something there’s a big chance that they’ll do it anyway without you knowing. I also don’t want to be one of those ‘it wasn’t like this in my day’; kind of dads. Without going into detail, thankfully things recently have changed very dramatically to the good in relation to hopefully you’re seeing that yourselves?

I’ve therefore decided to base my bird on me. So, let me introduce you to my bird. My bird use to have lots of ideas, and was always thinking of random new exciting things to do, but this changed to it spending countless wasted hours randomly scrolling on its mobile phone. Sometimes it would pick up the phone so often that the feeds hadn’t even had time to refresh from the last look. If it couldn’t find its phone for an hour, then if felt like it had lost a wing, and for the period of trying to find that phone everything stopped and everything else around them was ignored. It used to take photographs to make its life look good to others on social media and even then, was dissatisfied by the number of engagements it got. Maybe people didn’t like it anymore? Maybe its life wasn’t as great as it thought it was? Maybe it needed to take more impressive pictures?

To cut a long story short, good riddance to all that! At the start of the year, it moved in with its lovely partner and its first aim was to do something creative again. Break out of the sitting, scrolling and do something it had been really missing, and hoping maybe to inspire others along the way. Make some new friends and even maybe do something to raise money for a local charity? Time to get back to doing things from its youth like cycle ramp making and rose petal perfume creating (without adding milk though, that never worked!), But this time something different but of the same creative nature.

My Song

My Home

So yeah, my bird is me, and its cage reflects me breaking out of the tangled web of social media addiction and actually embarking on this amazing four-month unique journey that myself and the Wingers have flown on. 

May I take this opportunity to say thank you to all the amazing artists and other volunteers who have done all of this for free, in their own time, I’m honestly blown away by everyones creativity and involvement. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you, Ste, Jo, Anastasia, My Family, Ian, Mark, the Wingers and very importantly my partner who’s had to deal with having birdboxes scattered around the house and experiencing me flapping pretty much every day.

We hope you enjoy the project and please if you can donate what you can to our local charity. That would be the icing on the cake and who knows there might be a Winders Deux.

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All the people you see on these pages have been absolutely amazing in a time which has been tough for everyone, especially people in the arts. However, these brilliant contributors have given their time for free to create for you a unique experience and hopefully allow you to enjoy and escape for a while from this pain of a pandemic.

All the contributors are now passing the baton over to you in the hope that you will add your support to this local community project and help our chosen local charity in these extremely difficult times. We’ve chosen the Chorlton & Didsbury Foodbank because we don’t think anyone in our community should have to face going hungry. They provide three days’ nutritionally balanced emergency food and support to local people who are referred to them in crisis. You can now help this amazing operation by following the link to the donate page.

Thanks so much for your support, we hope you enjoy the hunt and let your friends know about it.

Please help Chorlton & Didsbury Foodbank by following the link below