Little Sheron

Francesca De Campara – Illustrator

Who Is

Little Sheron

Ciao, let me introduce myself as you probably haven’t heard of me before as I’m a rare creature. I’m Little Sharron and I’m part sea gull and part heron, but miniature in size, only being a few centimeters long including my beak. Although my wings are surprisingly big when stretched out.

I only ever fly at sunset, that’s why my wings flash with pink and purple shades to mimic the clouds.

The rare times that I’m ever spotted are during my migratory travels and that’s because those travels are very hard to predict. Unlike most birds, I don’t migrate with the seasons, but only for home-sickness. Also, I only ever travel between two places: Naples in Italy and Manchester in England.

I only every eat anchovies or sardines in Naples, but during my times in the meadow of Manchester I’ll eat some of the tiny wild apples and blackberries from the bushes.

Normally I’m very shy, but even though I’m small, if provoked, I can defend myself very well from predators and intruders with my long-pointed beak.

My Home

Little Sheron has two homes, the first one is a warm and cosy little nest on the crater of Vesuvius, a big old volcano which slumbers by the sea of Naples.

The second home is in the meadows of Chortlon, in a field near the canal, between two elder trees.

It’s a colourful tiny little wooden house with a tiny door to keep out the rain. 

While the Little Sheron loves the meadow sometimes its too cold and the wind blows rain through the tiny door. But when the sun comes out she stands on the little porch and stretches her wings, warming them before she goes to chase the green parakeets who try to steal all the berries.

My Song

Where I Live

Find Me Here

At the junction of High Lane and St Clements Road, the birdbox is quite low down on a conifer just behind the railings of St John’s Presbytery.

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