I’m Not Your Bird

Nancy Marrs – Architectural Designer

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I’m Not Your Bird


All these ‘chicks’ are tired of being labelled as infantile, little, fluffy animals. It’s just another way to objectify women on a daily basis. Who have we here?

Dove was flying on the 85 wind route, travelling from Chorlton to the City Centre when a Crow abruptly flew into her side. Crow had squashed her wing and in response squawked ‘Scuse me, love’ at her. Dove felt Crow was talking down to her by saying this and she felt very small and uncomfortable. Dove said nothing though, the 85 wind route was busy today and she knew if she spoke out it would be seen as a massive overreaction so decided instead to bury herself in her grey feathers.

Goldfinch was working at the Barbakan deli counter, she was slowly counting the garlic olives, when she saw an old Owl struggling outside. She went out to help them cross the road from Barbakan to Tesco. She knew this was a busy crossing and could be tricky when the cars were whizzing past. One car came round the corner sharply nearly knocking the old Owl over. Someone in the car shouted out ‘gold-digger!’ to the Goldfinch. Shortly after helping the Owl she went back to work, she felt like she had been judged and in turn felt very self-conscious and anxious – this wasn’t a nice feeling.

Mother Hen has 2 jobs and looks after her 5 children. She is always so busy travelling from Chorlton Park primary, then to Chorlton High, onto her next job and back again! Last week she nipped out with her boyfriend to Unicorn to get some vegan bits for the kids. It had been a busy week and she was tired, when reaching for the organic hummus she knocked over 3 glass bottles of soy milk. A Magpie in the next-door isle shouted over to her boyfriend ‘oi mate control your bird!’. She felt stupid and angry at the same time. Mother Hen felt like she was being labelled an object when she knew she was so much more.

My Home

This bird house features several ‘girly birds’ all trapped in the ‘home’ of their bird box. Their wings are embedded with words which are too often used to describe girls in everyday life. Whilst conveying a funny and enjoyable stereotypical illustration of how us female ‘birds’ enjoy leisurely sipping our cocktails and dancing in our incredibly high heels and diamante tiaras, I also wanted to highlight the incorrect labelling women receive on a regular basis in connection to these derogatory terms.

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