I’m A Magpie

Emily D’Andrea – Illustrator

Who Is

I’m A Magpie

Welcome to sparkle shop. It is made of treasure and lightning. Nothing for sale.

I show you this. Very very nice. Shiny food sock. Human eat the lamby mushmush inside and throw down treasure. Stupid human. This is one of kind. No price. All mine.

Look here. Lady finger sparkle circle. Very tiny. So not so important. One human held it in his pinchy. Give it to other human. She had water eyes. So I take it. Mine now. Not theirs. Not yours.

It is not so easy to be I am magpie. Busy work taking thing for sparkle shop. Last moon I took a gem from face of lady. It attached to her beak. She not stop squawking. Not allowed  back in that garden. I am not sad. Many other gardens. Many with tiny wood treasure house. There I find bigger shiny that are not stuck on lady beaks. Like this padpadlocky. Priceless. Not for sale.

Oh. Yes. The little goth bug. Not shiny but still treasure. He made great music. So he is mine now. He sing about my treasure. Sparkle is forever. Goth bug is a magpie best friend.

You like it all. Not surprised. Humans  not know treasure. They put it in wrong places. So I take. I put it in the right place. This is job of I am magpie.

My Home

The sparkle shop. It is made of treasure and lighting. All mine. Nothing for sale. You go now. Come back tomorrow

Where I Live

Find Me Here

Enter Longford Park at the main entrance from Edge Lane, and follow the path straight ahead.  The bird box is on a tree to the right of the path, roughly 100 yards ahead.

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