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I am native to the Americas (north and south) and I am named so because my wings beat so fast, I make a humming sound when I fly.

There are 350 types of me, who come in all shapes, colours and sizes. The smallest of me are just 5cm long! Because we are so tiny our hearts beat extra fast too. Your heartbeat has an average resting heart rate of 60-100beats per minute, whereas mine is at around 1200 beats per minute.

We are super special birds for many reasons. To start with, all of us have tiny feet which mean we can’t walk or hop. Instead, we rely heavily on being able to fly and are the only species of bird who can fly backwards. Our wings don’t beat like other birds either, they flap in a figure 8 which allows us to hover whilst we collect nectar from our favourite flowers.

There is something else that makes us special in the bird family, our main source of food is not bugs and insects (though we do eat these too) but nectar from flowers, and we eat about half our body weight in nectar daily!

Many of us shimmer in the light with what are known as iridescent feathers. I’ve been likened to jewels many times and have many myths about magic surrounding me because of this. People believe that I float outside of time, and carry the messages from angels on my wings to their loved ones. This means if you see me, I might just be a message from an angel you know telling you they are well and their soul lives on in happiness.

I also represent healing, I remind people with my speed, agility and grace to heal what has happened in the past and fully center yourself in the present. Take note of each moment that happens to you and be mindful of your surroundings.

My Home

Krystan-Grace has designed a home inspired by the hummingbirds’ favourite flowers. Her practice is largely centered around the study of light and shadow, which is best represented through a monochromatic colour pallet. The bird house is adorned with Trumpet Creepers, Daylilies, Columbine Flowers, Petunias, and Fuschia Flowers.

The Hummingbird is known to human mythological history as the healer. Krystan-Grace’s art practice is centered around art being a form of meditation and healing, and hummingbirds have always been her favourite birds, this seemed too coincidental to ignore. Because of this Krystan-Grace has chosen to explore and represent the Hummingbird through her artwork in an illustration and a painted bird house. The bird house Krystan-Grace is going to paint will be covered in the hummingbirds’ favourite flowers, in her iconic monochromatic and realistic style. The flowers will contrast brightly with a black base, bringing to attention the delicate details of form and light. 

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