Who are


I’m #Loveislost, a Designer based in Chorlton.

So, Here’s

the Idea

No idea why, but I had an idea to install 20+ customised birdboxes overnight in and around Chorlton, created by different local illustrator/artists/creatives. These would be the homes of the ‘Wingers’, and reflect things about their personalities and the artist who came up with their concept. Each one would be different and unique.

Following the year we’ve had I just figured it might be a positive project for the artists to get involved in, and for you reading this to take some time out on your own, with your friends or family, and just escape for a bit.




Work, life, family kept me busy but I couldn’t forget the Wingers. But how would I actually do it? It took lockdown for me to think why not put it out there and see if it can actually happen? So, I posted the idea in the Chorlton Facebook group and wondered if anyone would reply, or just think the whole thing was a bit weird.

The response was amazing. An incredible group of artists took to the idea and started bringing the Wingers to life with their imaginations.

I also got some brilliant help from a group we called the Drivers who did the practical things to get the project through to fruition

Meet the


Three years ago, I was sitting in my garden with my son and daughter. I used to make up stories all the time and on this one day I asked if they ever wondered what birds are saying to one another when they tweet? 

I explained that most people don’t know it but we’ve all been assigned a bird and they check in on us to see how we’re doing. When the sun goes down you hear them reporting. When the sun comes up, they’re having their morning meeting.

I really started to like the idea that they were secret watchers and there was this secret amazing life we just didn’t know about. 

Then I started to think about all the secret stories and characters different birds could have. 

During the day they go out into the world wearing their standard bird outfits, a bit like you and me going to work or school (or at least in normal circumstances). Some of the outfits are very colorful, others quite dull, and everything in between. But what you may not know is, they all have their own secret character and story.

They’re all amazing and unique.

These special birds are called

‘The Wingers’.