Bird Box Specifications & Guidance

As you know, the size and shapes of birds’ homes varies massively. We’re calling all these ‘Bird Boxes’, even though your particular bird may normally live in a nest rather than a box. That’s our artistic licence for this project.

You’ll be aware of the normal type of bird box that you see dotted around, and it’s on that very general principle that your birdbox should be designed. But just let your imagination run wild. It can be made from any material that you feel comfortable working with.

You can either buy a bird box and customise it, build one from scratch yourself, or get a friend to make one for you that you can decorate. Some people are using non-bird box items as their basis i.e., an old record player, a disco glitter ball.

There are loads of ideas and guidance on the web if you need it.

The only stipulations are: –

• Ideally it shouldn’t be greater than 30cm high, 30 cm wide, 20 cm deep with a hole in it somewhere for the bird to get in. Not necessarily your bird.

• To be made from materials that will stand the test of time outside.

• Any paints etc. should be bird friendly and not too vivid as they can attract predator birds.

• Be stylised to compliment your bird and their story.

• Have some method of being attached to a supporting structure