Dude of Paradise

Jo Walters – Designer / Co-founder of Our Kids Social

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Did you know that birds of paradise have some of the most elaborate courtship rituals of any animal? Their fancy foot work, poses and even the odd moonwalk accentuates their appearance and puts on a phenomenal show for female birds.

The dance floor is also where we shake our tail feathers, strutting our stuff to attract a mate. The birds’ rituals to attract attention continue on for them. But for us, the clubs are closed, our dance floors sit eerily lifeless collecting dust. The music is gone and the glitter balls have stopped spinning. We must find a new way.

Our rituals have been stripped back, laid bare, our faces without makeup, our bodies without constraint. But how do we attract others when the glitter balls are still?  How do we find new ways to connect, to attract and to belong in a world that can no longer allow it?

Have our networks shrunk or grown? How do we feel without our masks on? In this new world we have forged stronger connections with nature and new tribes who resonate with us and with the community on our doorstep – is this where we will find attraction and resume our courtships?

 But wait, listen and you will hear the morning birdsong becoming livelier everyday as we edge towards a new season and a new beginning. Their vibrant song reminds us that our dance floors will fill again soon. Our music will resound in the clubs and the glitter ball will turn again. 

My Song

My Home

This dancing dude resides in a blingtastic glitter ball. A bit of a party animal so never spotted too early on a weekend you may catch a glimpse of him strutting his stuff on his perch outside his fantastical home in the hope of attracting that special lady.The disco ball is also a symbol of us all coming together to reconnect after Covid.

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All the people you see on these pages have been absolutely amazing in a time which has been tough for everyone, especially people in the arts. However, these brilliant contributors have given their time for free to create for you a unique experience and hopefully allow you to enjoy and escape for a while from this pain of a pandemic.

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Thanks so much for your support, we hope you enjoy the hunt and let your friends know about it.

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