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Crows are often seen as unlucky, probably because they usually dress in black and eat dead things – a sure way to raise eyebrows. Their blank eyes can often be strangely unsettling as they seem to follow you and dissect you like the carrion they eat. The disturbing truth is they probably are, crows are smart enough to recognise and remember human faces. They can even teach their babies to recognise your face if you’ve been especially lovely (or mean) to them.

While creepy to some, they’re actually one of the most highly evolved birds and are thought to have the intelligence of a 4 or 5 year old child, which isn’t too smart for a human brain but incredibly smart for a bird brain! Their smarts, and the fact they’re not fussy eaters, means they’re really well adapted to exploit the food we leave behind. They’ve worked out all sorts of clever ways to pinch what they want from us. Especially their famous cousins Magpies who love to impress their friends with shiny baubles they’ve nicked from us.

So next time you see a Crow, remember they probably see you too! And they’re probably trying to work out if you’re nice enough or nasty enough to tell their friends about! Which means crows are actually only unlucky if you’ve got bad intentions.

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In Chinese culture crows often symbolise bad luck and death. My home is a dice.  Is it luck or fate that decides which side of the dice will face upwards?

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