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Anastasia Kapagerof – Architect / Potter

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Corvus Corax


Eccentric Raven

May I introduce you to Corvus Corax, the Eccentric Raven! She has this classic bird figure and an imposing large stature. You can call her Corvi for short.

Did you know that ravens can still fly with broken wings? Corvi has had her wings broken several times in her lifetime, but she persevered and is still here standing strong. Like all ravens, Corvi is very loyal and when she finds her mate it’s for life.

Ravens are often misunderstood and have long been considered to be birds of ill omen, death and evil. It’s not surprising then that even Corvi might appear a bit dark and sinister sometimes, probably because she’s always dressed in her black feathered cloak.

Black is her trademark colour. We often ask ourselves if black even is a colour or just the absence of light? Yet black can also be created by adding all the other pigments of colour together. Corvi revels in this duality of meaning. She likes her monochromatic feathering, because it creates an aura of mystery. 

Watch her carefully. Can you see through her stark dark exterior? But be careful from which angle you approach her. Corvi is guarded, however if you do gain her trust, she will invite you in and let you see right through her. What you see though depends on you…

When Corvi leaves her sanctuary, she changes her feathers ever so subtly and she can transform herself, sometimes assuming an aura of seductiveness, other times of elegance or of sophistication. Sometimes she uses her quill to project power and formality. 

But when she returns home she needs an environment that enables her to peel off all those layers. She has made sure she can do this in the surroundings she has built for herself.

Corvi, The Eccentric Raven has built her home in Chorlton, because of its diversity and because it’s equally as eccentric as her. She feels accepted and at ease here. She regularly likes to spread her wings and fly far and wide, exploring other parts of the world, but will always return to her base. Corvi’s apparent duality is also reflected in her beloved shelter.

Illustration by Vladimir Mulhem

My Song

My Home

Collisions of Duality

Solid + Void

Duality has long been a tradition in art and literature and extends to the study of psychology, all of which Corvi likes to explore and question when she is sitting in her box, looking out into the world.

There is no solid without void. The solid can form the void space within it or be the solid within the void. Similar to dark and light, one complements the other and one cannot exist without the other.

Corvi, the eccentric raven is wondering, what is more prevalent, more desirable or useful? The Solid or the Void? What is the meaning we attach to the words and does it change when they become concepts?

In architecture the solid 3D mass is named ‘positive’ and the void respectively named ‘negative’, naturally evoking those psychological perceptions and feelings. Yet the void in physical space is the open, more often green space around us, while the solid is the enclosure. Whilst void sometimes alludes to the infinite unknown, void can at the same time represent the free spirit. And whilst the solid can be suggestive to a protective cocoon, it can also be representative of the impenetrable restrictive mass or the captive spirit.

Corvi built her den out of the marriage of the two, because the forces of duality are opposed to each other yet need one another for completeness. It’s the collision of these opposites that create the paradox in human emotion by accepting the tension and in doing so, giving meaning to each other.

And this is even more relevant during these unprecedented times we live in. Have you contemplated your very own sanctuary? How in lockdown the void has become more pertinent? And how the solid is in conflict between haven and confinement?

The eccentric Black Raven, Corvus Corax (also affectionately referred to as Corvi), will be sitting here, in her coop, watching … and waiting for life to return to normal.

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