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Mexican Eagle

Carancho Norteño spends her day scavenging food for her family, protecting the love of her life and caring for her young. By night she is a Mexican Wrestler who goes by the name of the “Mexican Eagle”, sworn to uphold the true honour of her forefathers to become the one true symbol of hope and power on the Mexican flag. An identity which was stolen by her arch nemesis, the Golden Eagle.


The Crested Caracara (Carancho Norteño) is native to the northern parts of South America up to the Southern States of the USA. The bird has strong connections with Mexico where it is known as the “Mexican Eagle”.

The Crested Caracara is the second largest falcon is the world and it is the only falcon that collects material to build its nest. Other falcons typically use old nests by other birds. For this reason, I’ve decided to construct this bird box utilising materials collected from the local area.

Images of the bird were depicted in several pre-Columbian Aztec codices and subsequently the imagery was adapted as a national symbol of Mexico and is seen on the flag. There is however much debate over this subject where it is believed the flag in fact depicts ‘the Golden Eagle’.

The illustration is a combination of watercolour and ink and inspired by Japanese Anime.

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My Home

The box connects the history of the bird with its location and ultimately its story. Timber has been shaped into the head of a Mexican wrestler, brightly coloured with an entrance for the bird.

Where I Live

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From Edge Lane, turn into Ryebank Road then take the left turning (also part of Ryebank Road) towards Longford Park stadium.  Before you enter the park, the birdbox is on a wall to your left, beside some wooden gates.

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