Blue Footed Booby

Becki Miller (Aka ErmitsMOZE) – Artist

Who Is Bobby

the Blue Footed


Hello! My name is Bobby and I’m a Blue Footed Booby from the Galapagos Islands. I used to spend all day diving into the sea, catching fish for my dinner and flying around with my bird pals. Once or twice a week I would fly to one of the other islands and visit my best friend Gil, a 90-year-old tortoise. We would bask in the sun then cool off in the shallow water and chat about everything.

One day I ended up making friends with some really nice sardines, which made me rethink eating fish altogether, so I became vegetarian. I miss the taste of fresh mackerel, but I don’t feel guilty anymore, which is better for my overall wellbeing, and much better for the fish! I got a bit bored with eating grasses and leaves and hanging around on the islands. I had always dreamed of travelling and I especially liked the idea of living in England, it seemed so exotic to me. So even though I knew I’d miss my pals, I left the islands and flew all over the world having adventures, finally settling here in Manchester.

Me and Gil miss each other a lot but we email all the time and also send cute cards and letters through the post. I live in a small bird box in Chorlton with my new best friend Mo, a tiny mouse who is a very flexible and funny yoga teacher. I decorated my house with my favourite 70’s wallpaper and upcycled vintage furniture, mostly in the best colour there is, blue! I love to go for early morning walks in the rain, which is lucky as it rains a lot here.

My Song

My Home

When I get home Mo is usually doing yoga on the carpet, so I make us cups of tea which we enjoy while listening to the radio. We love the stations that play 60s and 70s rock music, and especially like progressive rock bands. I will often eat my favourite food, a big bowl of delicious strawberries and cream, while Mo enjoys my homemade chocolate chip cookies. We both have a sweet tooth.

Because I don’t eat fish anymore I have to also make sure that I eat enough carotenoid rich fruits and vegetables so that I don’t get poorly and my feet stay a beautiful bright blue. Fortunately Mo thinks the healthy smoothies and soups that I make are nearly as tasty as my cookies! I sell soups, smoothies, cakes and cookies to the local cafes and restaurants in Chorlton, and sometimes online when people get in touch and ask for a birthday cake or something for a special occasion. One day I might start a new adventure and open up a cafe of my own, but for now i am happy and content with my life.

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