Bird Vaark

Danielle Lowy – Crafter.

Who Is

Bird Vaark?

The Bird-Vaark lives by the saying “We need nature and nature needs us”

The human animal is a dominant force among other animals and in nature. As well as wreaking havoc in the world, humans have become disjointed from their origins and nature. 

But worry not! The Bird-Vaark has appeared to teach us how to reconnect with nature and live in harmony with others on our beautiful planet. The Bird-Vaark is colourful, quirky and just a little bit chubby. As a hybrid animal, it has evolved with the very best traits of its progenitors:

  • the ability to work as a team like a flock of birds
  • the clever far-reaching nose of a hungry aardvark searching for food
  • the spirit (and generously rounded tummy) of the entrepreneurial recycling Womble
  • the peace-loving outlook of the Clangers

The Bird-Vaark tells us that the world is generous and abundant. Like birds when they are eating and making shelters, we can learn to only take what we need and use well what we have.

There’s strength and happiness in living in harmony and supporting each other. Spread your wings, be confident, be colourful, be kind.

My Song

My Home

When it’s not waddling about making friends and scavenging for interesting titbits, the Bird-Vaark rests in a colourful nest crafted from recycled materials: a rusted hanging basket, an old hat, a broken feather duster.

Being sociable creatures, they like to nestle together. Bird-Vaarks are themselves born from revamping worn socks, embellished with felt scraps and buttons from old clothes.

The Bird-Vaarks hope that their scavenging and upcycling skills will help people consider how we use our precious materials, how we interact with nature and other animals– and make people smile

Where I Live

Find Me Here

In the window of Oxfam Books on Wiilbraham Road

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