Golden Owl

Clarissa Langham – Writer / Communications Manager

Who Is

Aurelie the

Golden Owl?

Aurelie is a very special, mysterious, Golden Owl. Just like all owls, Aurelie is very wise and thoughtful and she loves books! She also has some interesting stories of her own to share with you…
When I found out about The Wingers idea, a Golden Owl flew into my imagination straightaway. I didn’t know if there was actually such a thing as a golden owl though I’d heard of a golden eagle. So I went onto the internet and found an amazing book.

Aurelie the Owl was particularly inspired by a French treasure hunt book called ‘Sur la trace de la Chouchette d’or’ (On the trail of the golden owl), written by Max Valentin and illustrated by Michel Becker.

Written in 1993, this mysterious gives 11 clues to find a small statuette of a golden own which Max Valentin buried in a secret location in France over 30 years ago. No-one has ever found the owl, it’s still a mystery! 

In 1996 Valentin said in an interview with the BBC: “If all the searchers put all their knowledge together, the owl would be found in… two hours.” Fans called ‘chouetteurs’ swap theories online and usually get together once a year. But so far, the owl has not been found.

I suppose you could say that Aurelie is the spirit of this golden owl and all golden owls, flying free. In actual fact, the owl who was hidden isn’t real. A genuine golden owl is waiting to be claimed when someone hopefully eventually finds the owl that was hidden and claims their prize.

My Song

My Home

The location of the hidden owl is still a brilliant secret. But Aurelie the Golden Owl now has a temporary home here in Chorlton!

The bird box is made of a National Trust bird box and pages from the golden owl book and some other great books about birds. ‘The Owl Who Was Afraid of the Dark’ and ‘The Penguin Who Wanted to Find Out’ by Jill Tomlinson. The RSPB’s ‘Birds of Britain and Europe’. I have also featured the quote from the BBC article above and some clues from the golden owl book.

Do you have a good imagination and can you keep a secret? You may not be able to see it but our Aurelie the Owl has an invisible book shelf underneath her bird box. If you visit Aurelie’s bird box, you will be inspired to find a book with exactly the information you need to read – when you go home or back to school.

Where I Live

Find Me Here

Outside Oswald Road School. The box is on a tree next to Longford Road.

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